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what are people saying about working at adobe?


  • I love working for Adobe. The company focuses on individual growth and provides almost constant opportunities for growth. Couple this with the focus on work life balance and you have an almost perfect company.

  • Flexible work timing, good work life balance

  • Autonomy, the people, Espp, RSU's, salary, other benefits


  • My only complaint is the open floor plan. As an engineer, a private quiet workspace is essential to my job performance and satisfaction.

  • Low compensation, no appreciation, lot of politics

  • It is sometimes slow moving and hard to make important decisions. Just the nature of working for a large company.

"Be succinct and crisp with your responses. That’s why interview prep is so important."


"Don't forget to ask questions. The last question in most interviews is, “Do you have any questions?” Interviewers appreciate questions. By asking questions, it shows you’re engaged and also helps you learn as much as possible to make the right decisions for your career."


"Have fun! Be prepared, but be yourself. Treat this as an opportunity to have conversations with your future team! As many have said, the best interviews are conversations."


*All quotes obtained from Adobe site


what adobe employees say about interviewing

Video: Tips on adobe interview

*All quotes obtained from Glassdoor


“Online Written test (30 MCQs + 3 programming questions, Time limit - 1 hr 45 min) on interview streets. 3 PI rounds and 1 HR round. Interviews consists of basics questions on Data structures, OS.”


“After receiving a call from the HR a technical interview was scheduled in Bucharest with two developers. The technical interview was not very difficult, it involved some questions regarding Java and design patterns and talking about OS and networking concepts: threads, TCP/IP, etc”


“Procedure 1 written test. Same questions year after year. 4 interviews. 1 HR interview and 3 technical interviews. Different teams require C++, Java skills. Growing demand of web technologies. Recruiters check for 1) Data structures and algorithms 2) C++ questions. Especially pointers 3) Operating Systems 4) Design questions.”



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