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Is Grokking the Coding Interview good?

Preparing for coding interviews is very crucial for securing a job in top-tier tech companies. The coding interviews are getting harder every passing day, so it’s important to prepare only from the best resources. Grokking the Coding Interview by Educative is a very popular course that has helped developers prepare for coding interviews. 


There are plenty of courses, books, and paths designed to solve interview coding problems, but not every resource is worth your time and resources. Grokking the Coding Interview uses a systematic approach that helps developers sharpen their logical thinking and solve complex coding problems. 

Who should take this course?

This course requires a technical background and some experience in coding. That is why learners who are interested in looking for a new or better job can benefit from the Grokking the Coding Interview course. This course is best suited for: 


  • Job seekers: If you’re looking to land a job in the tech industry, especially at top companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Microsoft, this course can be very helpful. It covers common interview questions that test problem-solving skills using data structures and algorithms.

  • Self-taught programmers: If you’ve learned programming on your own and need a structured path to prepare for technical interviews, this course offers a clear curriculum for mastering key concepts that are often tested in interviews.

  • Professionals seeking career advancement: For those already in the tech industry but looking to move to a more technically demanding or a higher position, practicing the types of problems covered in this course can improve coding proficiency and technical interview performance.


What to expect from Grokking the Coding Interview?

  1. Pattern-based learning: This course breaks down the overwhelming number of possible coding interview questions into a smaller set of patterns. It helps learners recognize these patterns and apply similar problem-solving techniques to a variety of questions.

  2. Comprehensive coverage of topics: Expect to cover essential topics such as arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs, two-pointer techniques, bit manipulation, dynamic programming, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that you’re prepared for a wide range of question types.

  3. Interactive coding environment: The course is hosted on Educative’s interactive learning platform, which means you can read the material and practice coding directly in your browser without needing to set up a development environment.

  4. Practice problems: Each pattern and topic is associated with numerous practice problems. These problems vary in difficulty and closely mimic the types of questions asked in real interviews at top tech companies.

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