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THE salesforce INTERVIEW

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Looking to land a job at Salesforce but don’t know what the process looks like?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. Detailed in this post is a look at the timeline of the interview process, preparation guidelines, and what's different or unique about Salesforce's interview process as opposed to other tech companies.


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Phone interview
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THE salesforce INTERVIEW explained

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Salesforce has a pretty comparable interview to a lot of the other giant tech companies. But their onsite process is a little different than say the likes of Google or Facebook. We'll dive into that later.

Salesforce's hiring starts at Associate MTS (Member of Technical Staff) for software engineers. Those that fall under these levels will be SDE I and usually have 0-1 years of experience. Levels MTS and Senior MTS are usually for software engineers with 3-5 years of experience and are denoted.

In the Salesforce interview you will face around 5-6 interviews testing you on: problem solving/data structures/algorithms, design, behavioral, and a Hackerrank challenge.


Before the interview



update your RESUME

Make sure you’ve updated your resume and in particular your LinkedIn profile; use deliverables and metrics when you can as they are concrete examples of what you’ve accomplished. Make sure to be as specific as possible.



Here is our guide on how to prepare for the coding interview with a 12-week plan.



Salesforce does not require that you know any specific programming language before interviewing for a tech position. However, you should be familiar with the syntax of your preferred language such as Java, Python, C#, C/C++. You should also know some of the languages’ nuances, such as how memory management works, or the most commonly used collections, libraries, etc. Choose one you’re most comfortable with and stick to it.


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Prescreen with recruiter 

After reviewing your resume, you’ll be paired with a recruiter who will be your guide through the interview process at Salesforce. This will be a 30 minute conversation.

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Phone Screen with hiring manager

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If everything goes well with the initial phone screen, you will then be scheduled for a 45 min phone screen with the Hiring Manager. You will be administered a basic coding question and the remainder of the time will be spent on behavioral style questions.

hackerrank challenge

HackerRank challenge

Here you will be given a problem statement and will be given a total of three hours to complete it. You can expect medium to hard LeetCode style questions. It's best to start with the easy questions first, and know that if you do submit an answer, you can go back and optimize it later if you still have time. It's common for the challenge to be the subject of one of your onsite interviews so be prepared to explain what you did and why. Here's a great resource to get an idea of what to really expect.

To see the 15 most common Salesforce interview questions, click below:

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On-site interview

ON-site interview


Computer Science Principles:

Here you will chat with a senior engineer about computer science principles and will more than likely be asked to demonstrate them while solving problems related to algorithms, data structures, and design.

At this point you should be well versed in the programming language of your choice. You should know the ecosystem, methods, classes, inheritance, details around memory management, and a lot more.

For more on the types of questions you may be asked, feel free to check out the link below.

Reviewing Hackerrank Challenge:

In this interview you will spend roughly 45 minutes running through your solution from the previous interview. You'll talk about your approach, tradeoffs, time complexity, among a few other things. Be sure to take diligent notes while solving the problem so you can reference them later on in this interview.

Live Coding Challenge:

Here you will most likely be paired with two other engineers and will be asked to solve a problem alongside them. Be sure to ask lots of questions and explain yourself clearly. You can expect this problem to be "open-book" as they want to get an idea of how you approach certain scenarios.

Hiring Manager:

This is purely a behavioral interview where they'll want to get a sense of past work, tools you're familiar with, and your overall impact on previous companies you worked for.

For more practice on behavioral interviews, check out the link below:

The offer / no offer

THE OFFER / NO offer


From on-site to offer will take about another week or two. This is so management can either evaluate other candidates or to draft up your offer letter along with other logistics.


In the event that you don’t receive an offer, you’ll most likely have to wait six months to a year to re-apply. Don’t expect any feedback after your interview, but you can conclude that you either didn’t have enough experience or that it just wasn’t a fit culturally. 


If you do receive a job offer, the hiring manager will call you to discuss salary, start date, etc.

For more information on how to negotiate your salary, click below.


What's different


Hackerrank challenge

You will have three hours to create a solution to a given problem. You will be able to use  documentation as well as other helpful websites. If you submit a solution and want to go back and optimize it you have that option if you have any time left over.




Need help preparing for the interview?

Check out the Definitive Interview Prep Roadmap,

written and reviewed by real hiring managers.

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