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Is using LeetCode worth It?

Leetcode has been on the top of the list when it comes to interview prep. With a large pool of over 3000 coding problems, Leetcode is one of the most used platforms for interview prep. With the increasing popularity of LeetCode, many are questioning whether it’s worth investing time and resources into this platform. LeetCode can be highly beneficial for some individuals, while for others, it might not offer as much value. 


The worth of LeetCode largely depends on a learner’s specific abilities and goals. It's important for users to consider what they are planning to achieve from their technical interview preparation on LeetCode to determine if it aligns with their personal learning objectives and career aspirations.


If you’re unsure whether Leetcode is for you, we have mentioned some pros and cons about It. Other useful resources, like Educative-99 and Educative-77, can help learners prepare for their coding interviews. 

Advantages of using Leetcode
  1. Vast collection of problems: LeetCode offers a vast collection of coding problems that cover various topics, such as data structures, algorithms, databases, and more. This extensive library helps users practice a wide range of problems and improve their coding skills.

  2. Difficulty levels: LeetCode also offers different difficulty levels, starting from beginner to expert-level coding problems. This allows users to progressively challenge themselves and improve their problem-solving abilities at their own pace.

  3. Real interview questions: The questions in LeetCode problems are real-based interview questions. LeetCode questions are curated from the commonly asked questions in top tech companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. 

  4. Coding environment: LeetCode provides an integrated coding environment where users can write, test, and submit their code in various programming languages. This feature helps users practice coding in a setup similar to real coding interviews.

Disadvantages of using Leetcode
  1. Learning curve: Beginners might find LeetCode challenging due to the complexity of some problems and the technical depth required. This steep learning curve can be discouraging for those new to coding or algorithmic problem-solving.

  2. Big cluster of questions: LeetCode offers more than 3000 coding problems, which can be a problem because a large number can be daunting for many learners. 

  3. Time-consuming: Solving problems on LeetCode can be time-consuming, especially for more complex problems. Users might need to invest significant time to fully understand and solve problems, which might not be feasible for everyone.

  4. Limited feedback: While LeetCode provides immediate feedback on whether a solution is correct or not, it often lacks detailed feedback on why a solution failed. This can make it difficult for users to understand and learn from their mistakes.

What’s different in LeetCode Premium?

LeetCode Premium offers multiple advanced features to its users. The most important feature is that you gain access to a large number of problems, including locked problems that are not available to free users. LeetCode Premium offers more detailed and high-quality solutions and explanations for many problems.


LeetCode Premium is designed to provide a more comprehensive and targeted practice experience. It offers tools and content that can significantly improve interview preparation and coding skill development.

LeetCode alternative

As mentioned above, Leetcode can be confusing and overwhelming for many users. Educative-99 is a more comprehensive yet not-so-overwhelming LeetCode alternative. Educative-99 is a collection of 99 commonly asked questions in top tech companies. 


Educative-99 consists of pattern-based questions, meaning that experts have pinpointed patterns and topics that frequently arise during coding interviews. With this curated set of questions, you can recognize similar patterns in your own coding interviews and respond effectively. This approach aims to prepare you thoroughly by familiarizing you with the types of problems you're likely to encounter, enhancing your ability to solve them efficiently during actual interviews.


Educative-99 is available in five languages:

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