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THE github coding INTERVIEW

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Take a deep dive through the GitHub interview process and learn all about what to expect in this comprehensive insider guide to the GitHub interview process.


what are people saying about working at github?

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  • The best part about working at GitHub is the great colleagues! They are uniformly friendly, super talented, and have a positive, supportive attitude. All the engineers I have worked with have been really motivated and produce high-quality work.

  • Some seriously talented and caring coworkers, working at huge scale.

  • Good benefits, unlimited PTO, Max out HSA, great work life balance


  • Remote work impedes serendipitous communication. It's an effort to keep up with what is happening in the rest of the company

  • Lack of leadership and direction; can be difficult to know who's in charge of what.

  • It is sometimes slow moving and hard to make important decisions. Just the nature of working for a large company.

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"All of our hands on exercises are real examples of the type of work you would be doing day to day on that team. We don’t ask you any crazy white boarding questions, we won't make you reverse a binary tree, or have you tell us how many man holes are in NY. "


"Typically a member of the recruiting team will be a part of the interview and will focus on questions pertaining to diversity, inclusion, and social impact. You will likely not have had an interview like this so prepare accordingly."


"Due to the fact that 75% of the company works remote, you should be prepared to interview via a Zoom call."


what hubbers say about interviewing

*All quotes obtained from GitHub


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github San francisco- hq

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*All quotes obtained from Glassdoor


“First was screener questions from HR. Second was Zoom interview with 2 team leads, one of whom was to be my manager. Third round was a coding test where you were given access to a private repo that described a problem and had sample code to get you started. You developed a solution in your own time and sent a PR to signify your completion. Fourth round was a code review comprised of members from the team applying for. Fifth round was somewhere between a half to full day of Zoom interviews with employees from various departments.”


“First step was a basic HR phone call which explained the role and allowed me to answer any questions. Second step was a take home test. The test wasn't exactly difficult, assuming you know what you the language it's in and how to use their tools.”



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