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THE lyft coding INTERVIEW

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Take a deep dive through the Lyft interview process and learn all about what to expect in this comprehensive insider guide to the Lyft interview process.


Explore some of the most commonly asked Lyft questions and get detailed solutions. Get a leg up on your competition in the interview!


what are people saying about working at Lyft?

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  • Lyft culture is a great working culture. Depending on the team, the work can be fun as well!

  • Great culture and clear vision for the future.

  • You'll have all kinds of opportunity to learn new technologies in software development. The teams are ambitious to try all new and emerging technique to improve their product.

  • It took a long time to build up the feeling that you belong to your team. Many engineers focused on their own stuff without little or no talk to others.

  • Hectic product leadership and overall lots of churn

  • Higher management was at times ineffective, and the company sometimes went back and forth with ideas.

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“We’re not attached to whiteboards. At the same time, we understand many candidates do their interview preparation with them in mind. Let your interviewer know the toolset for which you’re most comfortable. If you’ve got your presentation skills down and feel best with a whiteboard marker in your hand, then we’ll have fresh ones ready. On the other hand, if you operate best in your favorite IDE with syntax highlighting and shortcuts then go ahead and bring your laptop — or ask your recruiter about having one provided for your interviews.”


“One of the most common pieces of advice we see in technical interviews is to “let the interviewer know what you’re thinking.” It’s a great piece of advice but at times can scramble your brain, similar to brushing your teeth while tying your shoes. Remember that talking and thinking are two activities that may not be best done simultaneously, so don’t be afraid to step back and say “hold on I want to think about X for a second.” When you’ve had a second to catch up, share your thoughts with the interviewer and then keep moving."

what lyft employees have to say about interviewing

*All quotes obtained from Lyft



 What you can expect in the Lyft interview

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“First, HR emailed to schedule a technical phone interview, which is 1hr, coding questions. If pass then next step is onsite interviews, including coding questions and systems design questions and projects questions.”


“Applied online. Recruiter reached out the same week. Completed a technical phone screen the week after. 4-round onsite interviews the following week. Got an offer 2 weeks after the onsite interviews.”


“One phone screen, followed by an onsite with 4 interviews. The interview consisted of 2 system design questions, and 2 coding interviews. One of the coding interviews was a laptop test, which is essentially an open-book coding problem.”




*All quotes obtained from Glassdoor





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