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The 15 most commonly asked vmware interview questions

What is VMware?

VMware provides virtualization and cloud-computing software services to businesses. So, how does VMware work? Its virtualization technology uses a bare-metal hypervisor. VMware's hypervisors are the VMware ESX/VMware ESXi in x86 architecture. It installs the hypervisor on the physical server so that many Virtual Machines (VMs) can run on it. The Virtual Machines (VMs) can then do the following:

  • Optimize hardware resources

  • Improve scalability

  • Increase flexibility in deploying

  • Manage software applications

Some of its popular products are as follows:

  • VMware vSphere

  • VMware cloud foundation

  • VMware horizon

  • VMware

  • vCenter

Read this blog to get better prepared for VMware interview questions. As part of this preparation, you should also know how their different products work. Let's see how the following concepts emerge during the VMware interview process.

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